Biden's 4-Year Plan: Tax Increases, New Gun Laws & The Loss Of Free Speech

In one week from today, Joe Biden is coming, and so are his tax increases. This is not a secret, nor a surprise. What will be different? Remember how Biden said during his campaign that "only people who make more than $400,000" would face higher taxes? Actually that is not entirely true. In fact, it's not true at all. Everybody is going to be taxed more. Plus, there's that other problem with the broken blue states, broke due to democrat leaders, they need to be bailed out or face bankruptcy. The 'get rid of Trump at all costs (even election fraud) - Biden lovefest' has been fun. But soon the party will be over, and America is going to be left with a massive mess. Grover Norquist, well known tax reform guru told KTRH, "We will see a series of tax increases. Democrats have not only promised to raise taxes, they've promised to spend a great, great deal of other people's money." So what will that look like in real life? Norquist says for middle americans, the family/child tax credits are going to diminish, utility prices and gas prices are all going to go up, and you can also add a $200 gun tax. And for those who bought into the lie that Trump was racist, and Biden was for the 'poor people'? Lower income Americans are also going to have to pay. Apparently Michael Bloomberg, a big donor / backer of Biden after he fell out of the race, believes that if you tax the poor you can change their behavior! Seriously. And so, when you receive your $2,000 stimulus check, you may want to put it aside (Biden will be taxing 401k's as well, along with the capital gains). Norquist points out that both Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama, who aren't as bad as Biden when it comes to taxing and spending, both lost control of the House and the Senate. The countdown is on to 2022.