Texas Poised to Lead Conservative Challenges Against Radical Left

Texas led the nation when it came to lawsuits filed against the Obama administration, and is expected to take the lead again once Joe Biden is sworn in.

“Back during the Obama administration, Texas very often was at the forefront of litigation to challenge some of those Democratic administration policies, and I think we'll see that spearheaded once again by Greg Abbott, by Ken Paxton,” says Matthew Wilson, political science professor at Southern Methodist University.

Wilson says the impact of the national elections will cut much deeper than green new deal regulations against oil and gas.

“I would expect the Biden administration to be pretty aggressive in pushing for accommodation and recognition of transgenderism in various guises, particularly in the educational sphere,” he says. “That will be something that the powers that be in Texas will want to resist.”

Democrats' failure to flip Texas could haunt them during the next couple of years.

“Republicans do still clearly un the show in Texas,” says Wilson. “With all the statewide officeholders. With a clear majority in the state legislature. So the priorities coming out of Austin are going to continue to be decidedly conservative.”

Wilson says the state's Republican leadership, combined with Trump's judicial appointments, should help shield us from much of the radical left's agenda.

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