Courts Struggle to Clear Backlog of Cases Amid COVID Protocols

A major backlog of cases continues in Houston-Harris County courts due to the COVID shutdowns.

Houston attorney Eric Dick says social distancing has kept jury trials to a minimum, and you can only pack so many Zoom calls into a day.

“If you are representing somebody that doesn't involve a murder or defending a murderer or any type of criminal activity, I think the chance of going to trial are slim to none, at least a jury trial,” he says.

Adding to the backlog, thousands of other cases postponed by flooding from Harvey.

“I think it's sad because justice delayed is justice denied,” Dick added

Those waiting for trial do have a few options now.

“I always encourage my clients to mediate, arbitrate or do a bench trial,” he says. “There are a bench trials going on through Zoom. And I would encourage people to maybe agree to a jury trial through Zoom if you have to have a jury trial.”

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