American Small Businesses were Hurt by Late Holiday Delivery

Over the holiday, American small business was hurt by late and difficult deliveries - whether it was supplying their own store on going out to customers. Supply Chain and Logistics Expert Margaret Kidd says delivery services were overwhelmed. "Some of the delivery services were limiting the number of packages to 75 a day that small businesses could send out." Kidd points out that getting the package to your home involves lots of steps and each had people out with Covid. "As a result of the enormous BOOM of online business, they have hit some bottle necks. From warehousing to transportation to last mile delivery." Kidd says delivery personnel keep our country going and maybe should be considered essential for Covid vaccines.

Most Online Shoppers Fear Theft

Personnel gaps due to cases of Covid, including the postal service. "The U S Post Office has had tremendous budget cuts and staffing shortages which just exacerbates the problem at hand," says Kidd. Some retailers gave in and encouraged customers to purchase gift certificates that could be sent instantaneously online or through first class mail.

Delivery man exiting truck with packages,

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