American Youth Are Too Fat to Defend Nation, Says Some Retired Military

A group of retired military members have a warning for the Pentagon: our country's youth are too fat and too out of shape to defend the nation.

The group, called “Mission Readiness”, warns of a recruiting crisis. According to the Defense Department, 71 percent of young Americans are unable to serve in uniform due to obesity, drug abuse, a poor education or a criminal record. The former military members recently sent a letter to Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller.

“The ‘woke’ nation has entered the force, and I think that’s a problem. The military is not a place for politics. It’s a place for training individuals to be killers and warriors,” Arthur Rizer, an Iraq War vet and policy expert with the Washington-based R Street, told KTRH.

Rizer also said he’s concerned some branches of the U.S. Military are lowering their recruiting standards.

“We have clipped the wings of our drill sergeants to actually motivate [new recruits] to get into shape. We have soldiers [where] we care about their feelings over [whether] we care about the readiness of our force. So I think that’s a fundamental problem,” Rizer explained.

Conservatives worry the problem could get worse, if a Joe Biden administration cuts the military’s budget.

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