The Live Event Industry Lost Over 30 Billion Dollars in 2020

Live events have been canceled for months. Pop Culture expert Rob Weiner says American entertainment is getting creative with 49 Drive-in Car Concerts and the U.K. has held special social distancing outdoor events. "One of the things that artists are doing now is performing online. KISS is performing a special New Year's Concert." Houston's Alley Theater streamed it's annual A Christmas Carol to ticket buyers. We had a short baseball season watched in person by cardboard cut-outs.

Lock-downs from Covid-19 caused the live events industry to lose more than 30 billion dollars this year. Weiner says lots of people are hurting. "It's not just the artist that's hurting, it's the people who work for and around the artists as well. It's the promoters, the vendors, venues, and most of all --- the AUDIENCE is losing out!? The people who sell you a beer or handle parking missed valuable income, too.

Hopefully sometime next year Elton John can continue his 'Farewell Yellow Brick Toad' tour.

Two bits of good news: Some NBA teams are allowing limited arena seating and 2020 is about to come to an en!

KISS Streaming Their New Year's Special

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