Amazon Gets in the Fitness Business

Amazon could become your A.I. life coach with it's new health-tracking bracelet. Amazon has a new health-tracking bracelet that wants some interesting information from you. Its first digital wellness product is called "Halo." It asks you for some pretty invasive information like requesting four photos of you in your underwear. Robert Siciliano of says Amazon probably just wants to take A.I. - led fitness to the next level. But what could happen to the data? He says, "More than likely they are keeping the majority of it inside for food reason - because once it's out of control: that's when the trouble could begin." Siciliano says The Health Insurance Industry would be interested. Siciliano adds, "And when the insurance company gets hold of it, that can very well affect the person's ability to get insured, or the price of their premium."

Also the bracelet has a microphone and an app that tells you everything that's wrong with you! This device analyzes your tone of voice. Siciliano says to ask yourself these questions:.

"What is going to be done with the data? Who has access to it? How secure is it? How could it be used to damage your reputation or your standing in society?"

Siciliano feels Amazon will keep the information in-house...but hackers do get smarter every day.

Amazon joins the Fitness industry

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