Border Patrol Officials See Spike in Illegal Attempts to Enter U.S.

The number of illegal immigrants caught trying to cross the southern border is way up.

Law enforcement say apprehensions are rising. Del Rio Sector Border Patrol officials report an increase of 182 percent in November compared to the same time last year. Bob Price with Breitbart Texas says the influx is an even bigger risk for Americans due to the pandemic.

“Up to 30 percent of these unaccompanied children are testing positive for COVID, and when you look at people being packed into stash houses along the border, none of them wearing protective gear, it’s a petri dish for COVID spread,” Price told KTRH.

He says the spike is directly related to the presidential election.

“Now the [Mexican] cartels have figure out the loopholes in the law that Biden is going to reopen, and they know how to exploit it. They know how to market this to the Central Americans and to the Mexican migrants,” Price explained. “And so now these drug cartels are going to take advantage of that.”

In addition, he notes Congress recently shrunk funding for ICE.

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