So Many Christmas Gifts will Arrive After Christmas This Year

Shipping authorities say, "Don't even think about griping about your Christmas packages arriving late this year."

People haven't seen much of each other lately, so they are sending more Christmas gifts this year. It's a perfect storm of increased online shopping and trucking and air freight shortages. Online Experience Expert Matt Rosen of Allata says , "The postal service, Fed Ex and UPS were as prepared as they could be. They collectively hired an extra 250 thousand workers. Rosen says just tell your friends and family to expect a lovely New Years Gift this year ! "It's not going to get there in time for Christmas. So I think the best thing a last-minute shopper can do is tell your family and friends it's a way to celebrate seeing 2020 in your rear view mirror!"

The Biggest Shopping Season Ever!

Rosen continues, "You wait to the last minute to go shopping, coupled with truck driver shortages, air freight shortages and an entire logistics program rolling out a vaccine --- it's overwhelming! The three biggest shippers (FedEx, The Postal Service and UPS) together hired an extra 250,000 people to work this holiday season. They were anticipating it. In fact they encouraged retailers to offer specials in late October, November and even into early December. "

Seeing 2020 in your rear view mirror is worth celebrating with a gift

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Many packages will arrive AFTER Christmas this year

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