Foreign Hackers That Hit U.S. Agencies May Be Going After Businesses

Businesses large and small are scrambling to see if they were victims of a nationwide Cyberattack.

It's likely to take months to rid federal agencies of online hackers, believed by some to be Russians. However, the attacks don't just impact the government. Information experts warn individuals and companies could be vulnerable to the same malware, called Sunburst.

“The key is really understanding whether or not that malware has been depositing in some form or fashion in your network, in your ecosystem of third party vendors that you deal with,” Internet security expert Theresa Payton told KTRH.

Payton, who is also the CEO of Fortalice Solutions, says companies like FireEye and Microsoft have issued instructions about how to check if you or your business have been hacked. The FBI believes hackers used software from Austin-based SolarWinds starting in March in order to gain access to a wide range of data.

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