We're not welcome in other countries - so we're flocking to Mexico

Mexico is glad to have us! Shayla Northcutt of Houston's Northcutt Travel Agency says it's all about their economy. "We love Mexico. Mexico loves us! The number one job in Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, Tulum, Cancun and Niramaya is TOURISM." Northcutt knows of what she speaks. "I have been to Mexico four times in the last 4 months! All of the different hotels are doing a lot more about sanitization and social distancing than we are doing here in Houston!"

Austin Mayor Tells Residents to Stay Home While Vacationing in Mexico

Many Americans are running from lockdowns and flocking to the beach resorts in Mexico without having to quarantine before they hit the beach. Northcutt says she's booking families, friends and groups to various resorts in Mexico. "We have had corporate groups forgo their Christmas parties because it's more economical and more fun to go to Mexico. There are soooo many precautions that a lot of the resorts are taking that you CAN feel safe and comfortable at these resorts. She says the beaches are not crowded and social distancing is observed.

Northcutt says even the shuttles from the airport sterilize your shoes and luggage before you board. Ask your travel agent which resorts they think are the safest.

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Americans are Flocking to Mexico

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