8 In 10 People Don’t Answer Unknown Callers on Phones

We’ve been conditioned by years of robocalls to look skeptically at the numbers displayed on our phones and not answer if we don’t recognize the number.

Pew Research asked people how common the practice is and found about 4 out of 5 delete the call.

Men are more likely to answer than women, they found, and younger people more likely than older people. 14% won’t even listen to a voice mail left behind.

Doc Compton is a credit analyst in McKinney, Texas, and says he has come up with a way for people to get even with those robocalls and even make money off them.“The only way to get these guys to really stop and get your number on a list that matters is to be blackballed because you’ve taken money out of their pocket and taken them to task, possibly even to court,” he tells KTRH News. Compton sells a kit at his website for around $50 that explains the details.

photo: Getty Images

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