Kids Zoom with Santa and Mrs. Clause - Who Know All About Them!

If your child is upset because they couldn't sit on Santa's lap this year, it's going to be OK. Kids don't have to miss their face-to-face visit with Santa this year. was created in response to the Covid Crisis and broken hearted children who can't sit on Santa's lap this year. CEO Josh Rogers says your child can have a personal zoom meeting with Santa and Mrs. Clause instead...and the jolly couple will know all about your child. That's because when you order your visit (go to you will fill out a form that lists things about your child only Santa would know. will give them a personal face-to-face zoom visit. Rogers says today's children are used to the virtual world with their school and even family gatherings happening online. The visit is totally believable to them. "It's especially magical because on a Zoom call instead of a Mall visit where Santa's first words are 'what's your name?' - Santa is able to prepare ahead of time and without the knowledge of the children."

Woke Mall Santa Reduces Boy to Tears

You just schedule the call and then act surprised when the zoom call from the Clauses comes in. There are time slots still available through 8 o'clock Christmas Eve night.

photo courtesy of Ashley Bush and Visit From The Clauses dot com Zooms into your home.

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