Gun Rights Advocates Look to Justice Barrett to Hold the Line

Second Amendment advocates are now flooding the courts with pro-gun lawsuits, hoping new Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney-Barrett will lead an expansion of gun rights.

Adam Kraut is director of legal strategy for the Firearms Policy Coalition, which has a pair of cases involving firearm prohibition sitting on the high court's door step.

“One individual was convicted a misdemeanor crime punishable by more than two years imprisonment, which triggers the federal prohibition,” he says. “The other individual was convicted of making a false statement on her tax returns.”

“They've very similar to the Kanter case that Amy Coney-Barrett was a judge on the panel for in the Seventh Circuit. And also that was the case that she listed at the top of her ten most important cases in her Senate questionnaire.”

Legal scholars say the goal of gun rights groups is not just to strike down gun control, but to make it harder in the future.