Pro-Life Texans Hope More Towns Will Join the 17 Outlawing Abortion

Pro-life advocates are pushing for more Texas towns to outlaw abortion within their city limits.

Many Texans are hoping city councils in Lubbock, Odessa, and other cities in the state will sign an ordinance making it unlawful to procure or perform abortions. Texas Right to Life legislative associate Rebecca Parma says in less than two years, 17 towns have become what she calls a “Sanctuary City for the Unborn”.

“For cities in Texas and across the country that would want to protect their pre-born citizens and state their values really clearly of the fact that they value life and don’t want that happening in their city, they can pass this ordinance,” Parma told KTRH.

Some abortion providers have fought back against the ordinance's language, but many argue a city regulating abortion providers is no different than a city regulating bars and liquor stores.

Parma are also hoping to send a message to lawmakers in Austin ahead of the upcoming legislative session.

“It’s showing that during this interim season between the two sessions, citizens in Texas are still very aware of this issue and they care about it and they want to see substantive things done like banning abortion procedures,” she said.

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