The Stay-at-Home Economy is Here to Stay

Remote Work, School and Shopping are not going away.

Business experts say families have invested in all kinds of electronics and services that keep their families busy and safe. Companies have invested grandly on selling you products and services and delivering them to your home. Host of The Consumer Team Pete Thomson says even people who have lost jobs can sharpen their skills and find another work home. "While it is true that some of the jobs that were here before the pandemic won't be coming back, there is good news: Texans are resilient and we live in a country where remote learning in all kinds of subjects is possible."

Companies have made huge investments in delivering goods to your home and will continue. Thomson says working and learning remotely aren't as clumsy as before."It's caused individuals a confidence to remote competently and securely." Thomson also says the online infrastructure is more robust than expected. "the internet surge didn't stress the system. We had plenty of internet bandwidth to work for all of us. We had built a good system ahead of time."

And everyone is happy with their new comfy office attire and no commuting.

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working at home is here to stay

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