Gun Owners Worried Joe Biden Would Impose 200 Dollar Firearms Tax

A potential Joe Biden administration's plan to crackdown on firearms has many concerned. His website lists banning and confiscating lawfully possessed weapons. One proposal: a 200 dollar registration tax if semi-automatic rifle owners don't participate in a buyback program.

“They don’t really understand what law is in place and they sure don’t understand the specific differences between different kinds of weapons”, gun rights attorney Emily Taylor said. “So, we have a hard time knowing what Democrats even want to do with guns.”

Taylor says adding a tax just for owning a gun is targeting the Second Amendment, and will hurt working class law-abiding Americans.

“Imagine if someone was proposing requiring a tax to engage in free speech,” Taylor added. “A tax to engage in your practice of religion. The entire country would be outraged.”

One other big concern: Biden wants to end all online sales of firearms, ammunition, and gun parts.

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