Danish Study: Masks No More or Less Effective Against COVID Infection

We're constantly being told to "mask up" to protect against COVID, but a recent Danish study showed there's no statistical advantage to wearing a mask or not wearing a mask in public.

Scientists in Denmark were hoping to find that masks reduced the infection rate of wearers by 50-percent. But Dr. Christine Laine at the Annals of Internal Medicine, which published the study, says they didn't even come close.

“In the mask group, it was 1.8 percent of the people developed infection compared to two percent in the control group,” she says. “If I wear a mask, is that mask likely to protect me from infection? Unfortunately, this data suggests if there's any protective-effective masks, it's very small.”

Dr. Laine says the bottom line is masks are not a magic remedy against COVID.

“Some people who feel like if they wear a mask and go into a crowded setting, they're invulnerable to infection. This data should give people pause.”

However, Dr. Laine says there's nothing wrong with recommending masks, along with social distancing and hand washing as a general public health guidance.

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