Gun laws might change if Biden becomes President

Many gun owners are afraid if he becomes President, Joe Biden will go for much stricter gun control as President Obama tried in 2013. . Legislative Counsel for Gun Owners of America Michael Hammond reflects back to 2013, when the democrat party controlled both the White House and the Senate. He says gun owners spoke up. "The gun owners descended on Congress and let them know they didn't want to lose their gun rights. In the end - we won that battle!" The final vote was 40 against and 30 for. Hammond believes with gun ownership at an all time high and rising fears of violent civil unrest in the U.S. the same could happen again - even if the senate is controlled by the Democrat Party.

Anti-Gun Lobby Targets Texas Gun Laws

Hammond says it all depends on who is in the Senate, and that depends on run-off elections in Georgia. "Unless Georgia turns out to be a disaster [2 Democrats win their runoff elections} we will be able to stop the Biden Gun Control agenda." The number of Americans who want stricter laws for firearms sales is declining, according to a Gallup Poll. Hammond suggests you contact your representatives in Washington and tell them how you feel about gun issues.

Gun Owners Fearful they will Lose Gun Rights

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