Beware --- Debt Collectors have New Ways to Harass You!

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has given debt collectors new ways to contact you. Debt Collectors can now annoy you through your social media on top of calling your phone. Bankruptcy Attorney Reed Allmand says they can now contact you through your social media accounts with no limits. But officially you can stop it. "The rules do set forth provisions that any electronic communication must include a provision to allow the consumer to opt out. It also says the number of phones calls that can go to the consumer to seven a week! But - if the collector actually speaks to the consumer, the collector cannot call again for seven days."

Allmand says first to have the collector validate the debt. "I would advise against making a payment on the phone until you have researched the validity of the debt and know your rights. Ask the collector to send you a copy of the debt information by mail. Potentially the debt could be beyond the statute of limitations."

Not a Good Time for Debt

Allmand worries more about the collectors who break the rules."Consumers are the ones who are left to enforce these rules. These collection agencies know that. They might not mind violating the rules because they know 9 out of 10 people will not challenge them on it."

Allmand says you should know your rights."You should exercise your right to opt on these online communications and consult a professional or get the knowledge needed to know the best way to proceed." Click here for full instructions to help you challenge the methods used by any collector that is not following their new rules or you feel is harassing you.

Consumer with another call from a debt collector

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