Pollsters: Polls in Need of Reform After Election Picks Wrong Again

One thing Republicans and Democrats can agree with when it comes to the 2020 Election: The polls were way off again.

GOP pollster Frank Luntz is quoted as saying “the polling profession is done”. He says the election results have been devastating for his industry. A number of polls said Joe Biden was way ahead of Donald Trump, the Democrats would gain seats in the House of Representatives, and Democrats would take back the Senate majority. None of those things happened.

“It’s a reckoning and a turning point. Polls have to adapt to new technologies. They have to be willing to innovate. They have to be willing to admit when they’re wrong and do some soul-searching,” John Zogby, Founder of the Zogby Poll, and Senior Partner with John Zogby Strategies, said.

Moving forward, he says he and other pollsters have to set realistic expectations about what they can and cannot deliver. He says in the future, the industry should focus on doing a better job on getting the general trends right.

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