El Paso Hospitals Full of COVID Patients Coming from Mexico

We've been hearing for weeks about hospitals in El Paso and along the border filling up with COVID cases, and now we're learning more about why it's happening in such far away towns.

The border is closed due to the pandemic, but if you have family or business on either side, or a medical emergency, you're able to come and go as you please.

“Border communities are accepting, by law, patients who come over the border illegally or legally, and have themselves admitted into the hospital to be treated for COVID. American taxpayers are footing that bill for sure,” says Todd Bensman, senior national security fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies.

Bensman says untold thousands of Mexican Covid-19 patients overran their own hospitals to the point of collapse, then figured out ways to get themselves over the border.

“At the ports of entry, they call the El Paso Fire Department, and ambulances one after another day and night, are picking them up and bringing them to American hospitals.”

Meanwhile, officials in El Paso and even Gov. Greg Abbott continue to blame community spread for the new cases of COVID.

“I just talked to a doctor in Arizona who told me 75 percent of patients in the hospital there are Mexican. And it's happening in California too,” Bensman added.