Sick of Political Talk at Work?

If you're sick of hearing election talk at work - you're not alone. Politics is causing a lot of workplace distraction and loss of productivity. This goes for workplace, zoom meetings and just daily preoccupation. Jill Hickman of Jill Hickman Companies says, "We have found our clients are stressed to the max. They are dealing with a high level of employee stress --- and that was before the campaign started heating up!" She sees employees stressing about the outcome of the election from both work and personal standpoints. "They are asking: 'How is this election going to affect my livelihood? And 'whether or not will my industry be supported by the winning candidate?' "

Hickman says 2020 was distracting enough before a contentious presidential race appeared.

Distractions VS American Work Productivity

"2020 has been so crazy anyway. When you put Covid and an election in the middle of it --- yeah...they have added to the distractions for sure."

Hickman says her advice to managers of both workplace and virtual workers to set rules nixing political discussions at work which should cut down on some of the distraction. These feelings could last long after the results are announced.

Worker tired of hearing political talk

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