Oddsmakers Say Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Bet on 2020 Election

A lot of people are putting down serious money on the race for the White House.

The 2020 election is already being called “the most bet-on event in history”. Nothing less than hundreds of millions of dollars. Canadian-based sports book manager Adam Burns says his online business, BetOnline.ag, has never been this busy.

“The rate that the money has been coming in for the last few months, but especially in the last couple of weeks, is incredible,” Burns said. “We’re taking, on average, a thousand bucks a minute, at least. Right now, it’s surpassed Super Bowl numbers, which traditionally, is our biggest event of the year.”

He’s taking bets on individual states, races, and propositions, even who could win the 2024 election. Burns says Joe Biden is favored to win 2020, but he says Trump wasn't favored to win in 2016 either.

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