Woman's video of alleged road rage incident shows apparent gunfire

Houston police are looking into a road rage incident that it appears included shots being fired at one vehicle.

Police say a couple was driving along Highway 90 near Hiram Clarke in southwest Houston on Friday when a man in another vehicle swerved in front of them, hitting their side mirror.

The couple says the man then got more aggressive, accusing them of side-swiping his vehicle. At that point, the couple started recording, and the video shows the man pointing a gun at the woman. The woman and man exchange words before what sounds like two shots being fired.

Next, the woman says the man got out of his vehicle to harass them further while, she told ABC13, "holding the gun in his back pocket." The suspect eventually got back in his vehicle and drove away.

Police are trying to locate the suspect and ask anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers.


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