Public Trust in Government Down Amid Pandemic, Riots, and Election

A new survey finds public trust in government is waning.

The pandemic, violent riots, social media, and the election. All 2020 events that have deepened the divide between Americans and their elected officials. The group Not Free America carried out a poll and analyzed google searches. They found key phrases on the rise like “Deep State” and “Bernie sanders corrupt”. However, the distrust goes beyond Washington.

“A lot of what we saw was just hyper focused on the state itself, and frustrations with politicians more on the local and state level than on the federal level,” Matt Zajechowski, who spoke on behalf of the group, told KTRH.

Zajechowski says 45% of respondents say they do not have very much trust in elected officials. A majority (51%) feel they do not have a voice to determine what the government does on their behalf.

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