Air travel for the holidays is filled with bargains.

With fewer people willing to travel by plane, the airlines are hurting for pre-booked holiday travelers. Peak season is approaching and airlines want your pre-booked money. Big bargains are ready for you, but only if you book now! iHeart Media Airline Expert Jay Ratliff says Halloween should be your booking deadline. "Once we troll into November - most of the super cheap fares are gone and airlines have added some additional flights. It's hard to find a good bargain, by that I mean under $300."

Ratliff says airlines are highly motivated. "Airlines are looking at some of their advance bookings. They are not what they would like them to be. They are offering some good deals. Hey. They know it's a perishable product. Once that aircraft door is short they know the likelihood of getting some more money is gone! "

"We're seeing some good fares - especially if you fly out Thanksgiving morning and come back Saturday. There are still some decent deals out there. Please don't compare these to any lower-priced time of the year because we're talking about peak season."

Ratliff emphasizes that come November first, that's next Sunday, the big bargains will disappear just like your Halloween candy.

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Flying during the Holidays

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