Follow the money; social media contributions lean heavily Democrat

Social media and big tech have their biases. If you don't believe that just follow the money.

Records from 'Open Secrets' shows that more than 90% of Twitter and Facebook political donations go to Democrats. Charles Blain at Urban Reform says that number is from the 2020 campaign alone.

"We knew this was happening, but seeing the hard data just gives credence to the arguments conservatives make," Blain stated.

Blain says it make sense considering that new numbers from Pew show almost 70% of the people classified as "highly Prolific" Twitter users are Democrats.

"If you do a deep dive into those numbers most of those Democrats are at the more progressive end of the spectrum," Blain explained.

And Pew also says they found only 10% of Twitter users made up 92% of all the tweets from U.S. adults since last November.

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