Mainstream Media Continues to Ignore Hunter Biden Laptop Story

The Hunter Biden laptop scandal has further exposed legacy media outlets and big tech for doing everything they can to remove President Donald Trump from office.

Both Twitter and Facebook blocked users from sharing Wednesday's New York Post exposé, then did again Thursday.

“This the same media that hyped up every minor development in the grand Russia collusion conspiracy theory,” says Tristan Justice at The Federalist.

It’s one thing to ignore the story, but Justice says the social media platforms really have some explaining to do.

“This is big tech conducting direct election interference on behalf of Democrats and Joe Biden, and it really just exposes how much they are an extended arm of mainstream media.”

The New York Post reports Hunter Biden took a laptop to a repair show, but failed to claim it after 90 days. The owner of the repair shop then turned it over the FBI, and eventually Trump advisor Rudy Giuliani, claiming emails on it prove Hunter Biden brokered a deals with energy companies in the Ukraine and China to meet with Vice President Joe Biden.

“Even the reporting that we're seeing from the mainstream media, which is forced to report on it now after Facebook and Twitter began censoring, they're covering the censorship but not the story and revelations themselves,” says Justice. “It is black and white who the mainstream is cheering for here.”

Sen. Ted Cruz is threatening to subpoena the CEOs of Twitter and Facebook to question them about censorship.