You need to pay attention to things other than polls this election season

The polls say one thing. But if you want to figure out what's really going on with this election.

The polls have Joe Biden winning in battleground states like Pennsylvania. But Fox News contributor Elizabeth Ames says if that's a lock, why are Democrats working so hard there?

"Even though the polls say that Biden averages a seven point lead, there are indications it's not true; that it's distorted," Ames said, adding that the polls are weighted towards Democrats.

A couple of years ago, you saw CNN doing a lot of stories about Trump voters that have stopped supporting him. You're not seeing those stories anymore.

"If anything the defectors are going to Trump because I think they see the radicalism on the other side," Ames stated, adding that you don't necessarily vote for the person, but for the side. And that most won't go for extreme left policies.

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