An Unclear Outcome in November Could be Bad for Economy

It's possible we may not know the outcome of the presidential election on the night of November 3rd. That possibility has stock market analysts worried.

Buckle up. This could be a wild ride for investors the next three weeks and beyond. Democrats are hoping to drag out the presidential election with expanding mail-in and absentee ballots. Not every vote may be counted in time for Election Day. Worst-case scenario: there's no clear winner for days or weeks. KTRH spoke with financial strategist Ryan Morfin, the CEO of Wentworth, a wealth management firm.

“The stock market will have tremendous volatility. It will probably be frozen for the first two weeks. And then if it closed, we will see a lot of money raised in November and December for ‘Lawfare’, which is lawyers going to war for ballot counting,” Morfin said.

Morfin says you can't trust polls if you’re looking for an election winner. Based on historical stock market trends, Trump may yet win.

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