President Trump and Joe Biden Courting the “Catholic Vote”

With less than a month to go before Election Day, both President Donald Trump and Joe Biden are courting the “Catholic vote”.

There’s a saying: “So goes the Catholic, so goes the election”. That’s been true the last five presidential contests. However, American Catholics are more divided now than in decades past. Both the Trump and the Biden campaigns are hoping Catholic voters will push them to victory in November. However, they're courting Catholics in different ways.

Dr. Matthew Bunson, The Executive Editor and Washington Bureau Chief of EWTN News, says the president has appealed to Catholics on social issues.

“Donald Trump, as we saw at the Republican National Convention, really has been focusing on the Pro-Life cause and Catholics who tend to go to Mass more often, to use the blanket term “Conservative Catholics’”, Bunson said.

In contrast, Joe Biden appeals to his Catholic background, but is not in line with the Church's stance on abortion and same-sex marriage.

“Joe Biden certainly descents from the teachings of the Catholic Church in a number of significant areas, including abortion and same sex marriage. That is exactly the same that we see with a number of very prominent Democrats, such as Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin and others,” Bunson added.

He says Latinos who attend Mass regularly could end up being a critical voting bloc in swing states like Florida.

For more details on how Catholics are polling this election, check out the EWTN News/Real Clear Opinion Research poll.

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