Democrats have constant Trump Derangement Syndrome

The Democrat temper tantrum against Donald Trump might be what gets him re-elected.

This didn't start with Russia. It didn't start in 2015 either, when Trump entered politics. It actually started during the Obama administration, and Gary Polland with the Texas Conservative Review says the left has been in a deranged state since then.

"They have decided they can't stand him and what he does. It continues to irritate them that he has been successful with the agenda he ran on," Polland explained.

Which is why you are not hearing from the mainstream media about a poll that has Trump leading Joe Biden nationally.

"The agenda of the major media is to discourage Trump voters from coming to the polls. They want those voters to think he can't win," Polland stated.

That poll, from the Democracy Institute, unlike other other media polls, was not weighted towards Democrats.

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