Boots on the Moon are just going to have to wait.

The U.S.Space Force is less than a year old and already people want to join up and go to the moon. Space Force Spokesperson Lynn Kirby says there's only one way for civilians to fly in space and that's to become an astronaut. Therefore: The first step is to join the military and then become an astronaut. She says there's also only one way for military to fly in space. "There's a path through any of the military services to become a NASA astronaut. If that interests you, look at the requirements of the different services and see which one(s) match(es) your interest(s). "

Space force space flight will not be happening immediately, it takes quite a while to be chosen and then trained to be an astronaut. When the Vice Commander Lt. General David Thompson was asked when there would be boots on the moon - he answered: "Not during my career."

So, what is The U. S. Space Force up to now? Says Kirby, "We fly satellites and we manage the systems that run to, from and through those satellites. The systems that the Space Force operate that most of you will recognize is the GPS system."

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 U.S. Space Force Flag Presentation

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