Dems Push for Mail-In Ballots, Deadline Extensions Creating Election Crisis

Ever since Democrats failed to impeach President Donald Trump, the left appears to be engineering an election crisis by pushing universal mail-in ballots, extending deadlines and legalizing so-called “ballot harvesting”

The Texas Supreme Court on Wednesday again heard arguments over Harris County's attempt to send mail-in ballot applications to every registered voter.

“That's the whole reason why you have tightly restricted deadlines and procedures put in place dealing with applications to vote by mail and the ballots that result from mail-in voting,” says attorney Jared Woodfill with the Conservative Republicans of Texas PAC.

Also Wednesday, the Fifth Circuit granted an emergency stay against a lower court ruling to bring back straight-ticket voting in Texas. Now there are allegations of ballot harvesting in Harris County.

“In the affidavit, the investigators allege Commissioner Rodney Ellis, state Sen. Boris Miles and a gentleman by the name of Gerald Womack are part of the operation,” says Woodfill. “Again, these are investigators that have received statements and recordings from individuals who have made these allegations.

“You have individuals bragging to investigators, not knowing they are being recorded, bragging that they can harvest 700,000 votes in Harris County,” he says. “That will not only will impact Harris County, it will impact the state of Texas and impact the entire presidential election.”

Early voting in Texas is set to begin October 13 after Gov. Greg Abbott extended it by six days due to COVID-19. But Republicans are challenging that extension as well.