Defunding Frenzy: Left Targets Police Foundations

The defund police movement is moving beyond actual police departments. Now, left-wing groups are pressuring corporations to stop donating to local police foundations. Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Chevron are among those targeted by anti-police groups for their donations to police foundations. Most of these foundations are non-profits that are not affiliated with any specific law enforcement department.

One of those foundations is the Harris County Deputies Organization (HCDO). Sgt. Dave Cuevas with the HCDO says these organizations often provide support to officers and their families, and specifically help in underserved communities. "It's these most vulnerable areas in the community that need additional services, resources, and law enforcement presence available to help," he tells KTRH. "If it's benefiting law enforcement and helping these vulnerable areas overall, then why would you be against that?"

Racial justice organizations claim companies are taking a political stance by supporting law enforcement foundations and organizations, but Cuevas argues that position is ridiculous. "Maybe they shouldn't go to the grocery store to eat or buy food for themselves, since all the grocery stores help law enforcement in some way," he says.

"Whatever movement some folks want to pursue in defunding any law enforcement, I think they need to look introspectively and decide if they need help, who are they gonna call," says Cuevas. "Because I don't think Ghostbusters exists."

Photo: AFP

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