Trump, Biden, take shots at each other in lively first debate

It was certainly what we expected, that's for sure.

President Trump and Joe Biden went after each other in what can only be described as a contentious first debate.

The two hit each other on issues like the economy, China, the pandemic, and race related riots. Moderator Chris Wallace intervened on numerous occasions, and appeared to confront the President on multiple occasions.

We have the entire debate for you below.

When the dust settled, Republican strategist Jason Johnson told KTRH that was a bar brawl.

"A knock down, drag out from start to finish. At the end of the day I'm not sure that anything changed," Johnson said.

But U-H's Brandon Rottinghaus strategically Trump won.

"It was not a fine moment for Presidential history, but it played to Trump's strength. He wanted it to messy. He wanted it to be nasty,"

Johnson doesn't think either won or lost votes last night

"If you went into this debate thinking Joe Biden was corrupted by the left, you certainly didn't see anything to disavow you of that notion," Johnson stated.

The next debate is on October 15th in Miami.

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