Surprise! Only a Quarter of Americans are Working from Home.

There is so much Trending News now about the high number of virtual workers. HOWEVER...It turns out not that many people are actually telecommuting!

The Real-Time Population survey for the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. discovered that in the month of August, only a quarter of employed workers were home-based full-time. Also - most people who are working virtually don't want to go back. Casey Hasten, Director of Recruitment at V I P says,"The majority of the ones I'm talking to do NOT want to go back to work. I think they are discovering that they are more productive working virtually. Plus they are getting back some quality of life they might have been missing!" Hasten also says many are also leery of the Covid safety of their former communal workspace.

You might like working from home --- but your boss probably doesn't!

The survey also uncovered that workers with college degrees are twice as likely to be telecommuting than those without. Hasten says it makes sense. "Some people who lack of a degree are in those jobs are that required to be on-site. Think of the people who are delivering the goods we all need really are essential."

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A quarter of Americans are working from home.

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