Family Friendly 2020 Halloween at Space Center Houston

2020 Halloween just became family friendly!

Space Center Houston understands that in 2020 you and your family have experienced some challenging times...from low-key birthdays and weddings to virtual learning. Finally they have a Halloween planned for you that your whole family can have fun and be safe! It's Galaxy Frights! For 2 days (October 30 and 31), your kids can trick or treat, participate in a masquerade parade and even do some "work" in a Science Lab - with all kinds of gross stuff to mess with!

The spooky (but not scary) events are from 10 in the morning till 5 in the evening both days. The tickets range from $24.95 to $29.95. Call for your tickets now. If it's like any other Space Center Houston event, tickets will fly out of the box office! All tickets are timed to assure social distancing. Visit get yours.

Tentative Events List, courtesy of Space Center Houston:

  • Masquerade parades around our new SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket
  • Premiere of our new spooky space film with NASA astronauts, engineers and flight controllers sharing some of their scariest space mission memories in Mission Briefing Center
  • Special guest speakers including NASA astronauts
  • Special appearance from NASA’s spider-like robot prototype Spidernaut
  • Multiple candy stations for socially distanced and safe trick or treating
  • Four family-friendly Pop-up Science Labs with gross and weird space science activities, as well as a Galaxy Frights Flight Plan that kids can have stamped at each activity
  • Commander Quest selfie station and massive inflatable full Moon in Astronaut Gallery
  • Halloween music and lights in Independence Plaza
  • I spy scavenger hunt in our free mobile app

photo: Getty

Halloween Galaxy Frights !

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