Trump makes his pick, and now the fight begins

Now that the President has made his selection for the Supreme Court the real fight begins.

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows says that it will get nasty.

"It will be a partisan battle and the most disgusting thing we have seen since Justice Kavanaugh," Meadows told Fox News.

Political analyst George Seay says Dems should be careful during these hearings.

"I'm not sure that they are convinced yet that attacking a female who appeals to key voting constituencies is going to be effective," Seay explained.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz says a nasty battle is not what the country needs.

"Without filling this seat the election could last weeks and months, and with the kind of chaos we are seeing that kind of Constitutional crisis would be unhealthy for our country," Cruz said.

The Senate has confirmed an election year Supreme Court vacancy 29 times when the President and Senate were of the same party.

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