Texas GOP Calls Out Governor Greg Abbott, Saying ‘Open Texas Now’

The Governor of Florida’s decision to lift all COVID-related restrictions on bars and restaurants is likely to cause more frustration for many here in Texas. Conservatives want Governor Greg Abbott to lift all restrictions in the Lone Star State.

"Open Texas Now". That's what members of Governor Greg Abbott’s own party are telling him to do.

State Republican leaders are demanding the governor reopen Texas if small businesses have any hope of surviving. The party's executive committee passed a resolution, saying all closures and restrictions should be lifted. State Representative Steve Toth penned a letter, saying he no longer supports his own party's governor.

“We were told that if the positivity rate was below 10 percent, which it has been, and if the hospitals are not overwhelmed, which they’re not, not even close, that he would open up Texas and he hasn’t done it,” Toth said.

Toth believes Abbott’s recently announced 75 percent capacity limit on some businesses (but not all) isn't good enough. GOP leaders say no one is taking the situation lightly.

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