Doctor: COVID Hospitalization Data Suggests Majority of Texas Should Reopen

Gov. Greg Abbott is now using the COVID-19 hospitalization rate to determine how much of the state's economy can reopen, but an overwhelming majority of Texas is already at or near that threshold.

During a roundtable discussion this week, Vance Ginn at the Texas Public Policy Foundation argued blanket COVID restrictions no longer apply.

“Ninety-four percent of the population will now go from 50 percent to 75 percent capacity,” said Ginn. “But if you look at total beds instead of just the occupied beds, and you look at not the 15 percent rate, but the seven percent rate, 81 percent of the state's population could be fully free.”

Dr. Ben Edwards with Veritas Medical in West Texas, says it's time to go back to work and school.

“The data is pretty clear. We're well past the peak. We're back to normalization, whether you use hospitalizations, ICU data, but the most important to me is the deaths,” he said.

“All I've heard is mandates and statements, but I don't see the evidence backing these statements up of why we should still be restricted at all.”

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