Trump Administration Working to Make Social Security Sustainable

The Trump administration is working to make sure Social Security doesn't run out of money sooner than expected. However, you wouldn't know that if you listened to the mainstream media.

Financial experts agree reform is needed to keep Social Security funded in the future. However, recent reports headlining topics like ‘the money will be dried up by 2035’ is likely aimed at scaring you. Robert Charles, with the Association of Mature American Citizens, says Democrats have been going after the President on the issue since he signed a payroll tax deferment in August.

“What you are hearing in the mainstream media is, ‘oh my goodness, Donald Trump wants to kill Social Security’. I think the exact opposite is true. Donald Trump has made crystal clear that he will stand for the sustainability of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, over time,” Charles said.

Charles adds Americans don't need to panic, but understand reforming entitlements is important to our nation. Just in the same way border security and our national defense are important.

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