Never Trumpers could use Supreme Court battle to try and regain relevance

The Never Trumpers have lost their relevancy, but are trying to use the fight over the open Supreme Court seat to regain it.

Susan Collins might try to hold up the process on whoever the President nominates for the bench by not allowing a vote. Brian Joondeph at the American Thinker says it reminds him of the left delaying Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation.

"They added three weeks to the hearings. It became a circus. I could see that happening here regardless of who the nominee is," Joondeph said.

Joondeph says if Collins doesn't want to be Republicans, he's fine with it.

"Collins can switch parties if she's so inclined. If you want to act like a Democrat just be one and make the switch," Joondeph stated.

He says the Never Trumpers want acceptance from the left, something that they will never actually wind up getting.

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