Election a battle of the mainstream media vs. the underground press

We know the mainstream media is biased and has picked sides in the election. But they've lost before. And the underground press may pull it off again.

That would be conservative media; because any dissenting voice these days is underground. But Dan Gainor at the Media Research Center says the underground will have to battle the mainstream .. and social media censors.

"When they say they want to restrict content, that's almost always us. I mean you have Facebook that tries to shut down QAanon and leaves Antifa there," Gainor said.

But even though the deck seems stacked, Gainor says there is an X-factor; President Trump himself.

"He's his own media outlet, and as such cannot be underestimated. That is why, for years, the press has tried to get Twitter to shut him down," Gainor explained.

Because they don't want Trump getting his message out directly to you; bypassing them.

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