Grocery Shopping Just Ain't What it Used to Be!

Many Texans just don't want to grocery shop. One reason is food is more costly than before. Matt Zajechowski of digital third coast says an C + R Research survey explains.

"The first one is Consumer Demand. When the outbreaks started happening, some of our major food processing plants and food industries had to shut down. Transportation became a problem as well."

Reason 2 is people are still not finding all the products they need mostly due to continued hoarding.

And the third is 85% of people surveyed are still uncomfortable shopping. Says Zajechowski "Where a lot of people are uncomfortable is not with the retailer. It has to do with the other shoppers in the store who might not be doing the right thing."

"People are struggling financially during the pandemic should re-examine their grocery budgets and start looking for sales, coupons and cheaper alternatives." Zajechowski also says there are still shortages of items in most stores.

Grocery Shopping Painful

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