Billboards in Austin warn drivers about move to defund police

If you road trip it up to Austin, you are going to say a couple of billboards that you would never think you'd see in Texas.

One of them says, "Warning!!! Austin Police Defunded Enter at Your Own Risk." The other says "Limited Support Next 20 Miles." They were taken out by the Texas Muncipal Police Association. State Senator Charles Perry supports the move.

"I'm fully supportive of the billboards and everybody getting woken up to this. The narrative of the left regarding human nature is comical, if it wasn't so serious," Perry told KTRH.

Perry says he agrees with the decision to call out the Austin City Council for cutting the police department's budget by $150 million

"We are on a dangerous path. People need to go to the polls recognizing their safety is what's on the line," Perry stated.

Heritage Action took out billboards in Dallas and other cities around the country over similar police issues. They read, "No Police, No Peace." We have a picture of the Austin billboard below.

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