A Vacation WITH the Kids Still "Going to" School

You can enjoy a vacation without taking the kids out of school!

Add together kids learning remotely with resorts and hotels struggling for business --- and you get a school-cation! One way to take a break from work and school at home and not miss a day of school is to take a "School-Cation." Four Seasons has them in Florida and Mexico with mini-classrooms in pool-side cabanas. General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel-Houston Tom Segesta says you don't have to leave the area. "You can set your children up with their computers in the media area of your Guest Room and continue to let them learn. Once their work and homework are completed, you can let them enjoy some time at the pool, enjoy the Top Golf Swing Suite, and then have movie night in the room. We'll bring in the pop corn!"

Wifi, social distancing and constant anti-virus cleaning could make this is a welcome situation for a family.

Pack Up the Kids

Four Seasons Resorts have already set them up in Florida and Mexico and other Resort Chains are following their lead. Wifi turns cabanas by the beach or pool into mini-classrooms and tutors are on-site. Sebesta says every Four Seasons property is safe for your stay. "Our Lead with Care Program means that we lead with health and safety. They remain our top priority. People coming to our hotels will feel comfortable and safe while they are here."

mini classroom set up at beach cabana

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