Economic recovery happening faster than the 'experts' predicted

The Trump economy is recovering much faster than the so-called 'experts' thought it would.

The only proof you need is in the unemployment rate. The experts predicted it would be close to 10%. It's at 8.4%, Jake Novak at CNBC says these the experts not only got it wrong, they got it way wrong.

"They almost always do. I can't think of any group of economists that gets it right. This one in particular was wrong because they were basing it on downturns in the past, which is very different from the COVID downturn," Novak explained.

What you have to realize, is that economies are actually flexible.

"The economy is moving towards the things that will work for it," Novak explained. "For example, if a restaurant can't have a lot of in-person diners, you're seeing the growth of the economy elsewhere, in take out and delivery."

That's factoring into the recovery. So is deregulation, and the Trump tax cuts of 2017.

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