The left wants to change history by teaching kids their version of it

The left isn't exactly happy with our history. That's why there is this ongoing effort to change it. And it's beginning to seep into the education system.

There are some schools teaching the '1619 Project' and its version of American history. Education expert Jean Burk says it's about changing the narrative to fit an agenda.

"It's to re-frame our history by placing the consequences of slavery and contributions of black Americans at the very center of our founding," she explained.

Burke says the President is making moves to stop this, starting with an investigation.

"He wants to call this nonsense out. You hit them in the pocketbook. When you talk about defunding, people listen," Burk stated.

Especially when activists like Ashleigh Shackelford (who now goes by the name Hunter) say the kind of inflammatory things about race that go viral.

"That's what you all are taught to do, to be demons. White people are all racist," Shackelford said during a critical race theory speech from a few years ago that has gone viral again.

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